Wolfhouse Schubert (Schubert)

Dog, born 31 May, 2004

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Schubert's character takes up a lot of room. He is extremely charming and quite sure of his own worth. Fortunately he is thoroughly trained by the older males, so he is well versed in good dogbehavior - including the art of submission. He is very polite around the adults, which again has made him attentive and obedient, without me having to do much work at all. Schubert is also a wild child, who dosen't take his needs lightly. He prefers that they are catered to instantly. Mealtimes are announced loudly and well ahead of time. Schubert loves his food, and I am sure that he equals the idea of missing a meal with certain death.

Schubert is potentially a very dominat hound, who rules the youthpack. I make sure that he spends time daily with the adults, especially the males, just to remind him of his place. I must admit that I have a weakness for dogs with a lot of character. I am always more or less subconciously attracted the problem-solvers in a litter, well knowing that they will surely put me to work. However, with a strong interest in understanding the minds of dogs -- what they feel, what they desire and what they need -- I couldn't ask for better teachers than the Schuberts of the world. They are the ones who loudly communicate their needs and wishes. If uncatered to, they simply take matters into their own paws, and try to solve the problem with or without my assistance. It is 24/7 hard work living with a pack consisting mostly of this type of dogs, but what a wonderful learning opportunity it is to have these great communicaters around us.