DEN CH Wolfhouse Notes for Blues (Mocca)

Bitch, born 28 July, 2000

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Mocca is clearly aspiring to an alpha position among the bitches. She is well protected by her mother Saragh the "Amazon warrior," but knows her place with her as well. Saragh is the only other hound to whom she unquestioningly submits. Mocca had us puzzled: as a youngster she had a very reserved and flighty sort of character. Surprisingly, at around the age of two years she suddenly blossomed into a bitch with a very strong character. She is now quite sure of herself, incredibly affectionate with us, and polite and friendly with visitors once they are in the house. She is a true sighthound who shows a lot of dignity, but is perhaps slightly more territorial than the average Irish Wolfhound. She is a fierce protector even of her adult puppies. She has inherited her mother's keen hunting drive.

Mocca was another one of those dogs who finished her title very quickly. She does not really like the show ring, so we don't want to force it on her. It is much more fun showing dogs who take an obvious liking to it.