DEN CH Taryn's Jazzmessenger (Nugget)

Dog, born 3 September, 2001

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Nugget has, through unfortunate circumstances, been our problem child over the past 2 years. As an adolescent he got Borrelia (Lymes disease) and a tick-borne encephalitis (infection of the brain), which greatly affected his life in many ways. However, he has never been so ill that we felt it was time to let him go. He appears to be a very happy and at times exuberant dog, but lacks quite a bit in social skills. He is unable to be around the other males and the bitches seem to more or less ignore him. All the other dogs in the pack have formed friendships; Nugget has not mastered this important aspect of social life. I am sure the encephalitis has directly affected his social skills. With this rather gloomy picture, there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Nugget is being treated with an immune modulator, Rimulan, which has been developed by a group of scientists located in Riga, Latvia. (See article on the immune modulator, Rimulan.) This remedy seems to be the only thing which has had an obvious positive effect on Nugget's recovery. He is being closely monitored with regular blood panels, which gives us an idea of the effectiveness of the treatment. We are very hopeful.

Nugget also finished his Danish Championship title with no effort at all. He has won the breed and been best of opposite in just the few times where he has been out. His illness has prevented him from actually being campaigned; we have concentrated on getting him well. Nugget has sired three litters in Denmark and one in Sweden. The progeny has been outstanding. We are very pleased with them, and he has given some wonderful temperaments -- and all are very well functioning socially.