DEN CH Wolfhouse Quartal Harmony (Jazzmine)

Bitch, born 21 January, 2003

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Jazzmine is an extremely intelligent and a rather dominant bitch. As a youngster she was reserved towards strange men. However, as she has matured, she has been become selective but is not shy of strangers. Once she has picked a visitor as her friend, she will not leave this person alone and she will never forget this friendship. We find her quite charming and lady like in her manner. She aspires to a leadership position in the pack. Her mother is currently the matriarch, who allows Jazzmine much freedom to exert her dominance. It is an interesting tradition which started with Grandmother CH Ebony Saragh of Nutstown. This bitch line has always shown endless solidarity towards each other. I have never witnessed even a hint of harshness between Saragh, Notes for Blues (Mocca) or Jazzmine.

Jazzmine is a very tall, substantial, big framed bitch with a beautiful sight-hound outline. She has a lovely soft expression which emphasises her lady like behaviour further. She is an effortless mover, with a lot of reach. She is a much valued family member.

Jazzmine completed her Championship in November 2005.