DEN CH Wolfhouse Scarlatti (Tusi)

Dog, born 31 May, 2004

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Scarlatti (Tusi) has gracefully accepted a submissive position at the bottom of the hierarchy of the males. He doesn't grovel around the adult males, but shows polite submission and makes sure that he is never in the proximity of any form of trouble. He is a very gentle and trusting soul, who is easy to live with. He plays freely with his sister and with Carolyn (W. Rhapsody in Blue), but not with any of the elders, simply because he knows that he does not have the status to do so. Most likely an elder would jump at the opportunity to teach him a thing or two, should he fall for the temptation to play with them. I am hopeful that the existing harmony and order among the males will remain, simply because it appears to be very well consolidated. Only time will tell.