DEN CH Wolfhouse Sinfonia (Siva)

Bitch, born 31 May, 2004

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Sinfonia (Siva) is clearly the lowest ranking member of the pack. Thanks to her mother's ever watchful eye, Siva's self esteem has not been completely flattened. The other bitches are constantly on her, and at times it appears that she spends more time on her back than on her feet. Siva's mother will nevertheless intervene, if they get too rough with her daughter. Interestingly enough Siva has never had a puncture wound or even a scratch. She has accepted her position for the time being.

At times it can be difficult for us humans to sit back and watch the pack dynamics, so we usually give the youngsters daily time off from the hard discipline of their elders. It is a fine balance between how much interference one should exercise and at the same time acknowledging the extreme importance of letting the dogs organize themselves in a social hierarchy. We never discipline elders for exercising status and power as long as they are not overly assertive. I suspect that behind Siva's submissive behavior lies a potentially strong willed bitch -- I have noticed that side of her surfacing on a few occations, and I am sure that the other bitches are well aware of the importance of keeping Siva in her place.