DEN CH Wolfhouse Ornette Coleman (Coffee)

Dog, born 29 September, 2000

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Coffee is clearly in his father's shadow. We strongly support this hierarchy, as it insures stability in the pack. Coffee is an exuberant charmer who is wise enough to subdue his desire for wild outbursts when Mana is around. Instead he has taken on the role of the "pack-clown," which gives him some social freedom and an outlet for his energy without provoking the elders too much. He seems comfortable with his role, and I have never witnessed him challenging his father. Mana will bark him to a down-stay on a regular basis, yet practically never physically harms Coffee, who knows the art of submission very well.

Coffee had a brief show career, where he effortlessly finished his Championship title in just a matter of three shows in a row. He has won the breed and is a very impressive dog, but he was from Melody Maker’s second litter, so we had been busy campaigning his father when Coffee started looking his best -- so once again poor Coffee was in his father's shadow. Coffee has one litter of very promising puppies who are just beginning their show careers (see Wolfhouse Rhapsody in Blue).