DEN CH CPH-Winner-2004, Veteran World winner 2010 Wolfhouse Pavane (Pavane)

Bitch, born 9 July, 2001

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Pavane has inherited her father's subtle, self-assured disposition. It is difficult to determine her actual social position in the pack. She is definitely not a member of the ruling body yet, but does not appear to have a particularly low status either, since she is never picked on by the others. Almost as a contradiction to her otherwise quiet nature, she is the "lead singer" in the pack. She loves the sound of her own voice, and several times a day -- and at night -- she will lead the other dogs in a short howling session. Pavane knows exactly what she wants and doesn't want. When something is not to her liking, she has mastered the breed specific "art of passive resistance" to perfection.

Pavane has inherited something very special from her mother; she has loads of presence in the show ring. At home she looks like another nice dog, nothing extreme about her. In the show ring she transforms into a stellar show dog. She is incredibly easy to show. As her handler your biggest job is just not to get in her way and mess things up. She is a natural. She has finished her Danish Championship, got this year's Copenhagen winner title and has ended up as top winning IW bitch in Denmark for the year 2004 opposite her brother SWE DEN CH Junior World Winner Wolfhouse Pergolesi. Pavane has not been bred yet.