Club show Nørresundby

8 July, 2017

Wolfhouse Allegro

Summer club show in Nørresundby was very successful for us:

Wolfhouse Allegro - CC, Best Male, BOS - new Danish champion
Wolfhouse Acapella - CC, 2nd Best Bitch - new Danish champion
CH Wolfhouse Baroque Melody - Best Bitch, BOB, BIS4!

Heart testing

14 June, 2017

Heart testing Heart testing

We heart tested the first ½ of the Wolfhouse pack: CH Kellyhide´s Extravaganza (age 9), CH Wolfhouse Viola Da Gamba (turns 8 yrs. in September), CH Wolfhouse Wind Chime (age 6½ Yrs.) Wolfhouse Yaxeka (age 5½ yrs), Wolfhouse Allegro (3 yrs.), Wolfhouse Coltrane (2 ½ yrs.) and Wolfhouse Bolero (2½ yrs) were all clear.

Double club show Vejen

30 May, 2017

Wolfhouse Acapella Wolfhouse Baroque Melody Kellyhide´s Extravaganza

Spring double club show in Vejen was a good weekend for our team:

Wolfhouse Coltrane - CC, Best Male, BOB, BIS3
Wolfhouse Allegro - res. CC, 2nd Best Male
Wolfhouse Baroque Melody - CC, Best Bitch, BOS, BIS of Best Opposite, new Danish Champion
Wolfhouse Acapella - res. CC, 2nd Best Bitch
CH Kellyhide´s Extravaganza - Best Veteran

Wolfhouse Allergo - res. CC, 2nd Best Male
Wolfhouse Acapella - CC, Best Bitch, BOS
CH Kellyhide´s Extravaganza - Best Veteran

Wolfhouse "D2" puppies

10 March, 2017

Wolfhouse D2 puppies Wolfhouse D2 puppies Wolfhouse D2 puppies

On 6th of March CH Wolfhouse Zavanah delivered a lovely litter of 7 puppies - 1 boy and 6 girls, sired by CH Next Generation Noalan of First Avenue.

From this litter we kept Wolfhouse Darwinci (male) and Wolfhouse DNA (female).



20 February, 2017

Wolfhouse Zavanah NextGenerationNoalan of First Avenue CH Wolfhouse Zerlina

After 2 a two year break, we finally have some puppy plans for 2017!

The expecting mother is our CH Wolfhouse Zavanah who was mated to NextGenerationNoalan of First Avenue.

Zavana´s sister CH Wolfhouse Zerlina will hopefully also give us a litter this year. Details to be announced later.

Wolfhouse Allegro and Acapella

19 February, 2017

Wolfhouse Allegro Wolfhouse Acapella

The show season 2017 started for us at an international show in Fredericia:

Wolfhouse Allegro – Exc. 1,, 3rd Best Male, res. CC, res. CACIB

Wolfhouse Acapella – Exc. 1., 2nd Best Bitch, res. CC, res. CACIB

Wolfhouse - BIS Breeders Group

1 December, 2016

Wolfhouse Allegro

Photos will be added soon.

Orin of Nutstown

The traditional Christmas show in Nyborg is our favourite show of the year and we often enter a number of dogs to support our club:

Orin of Nutstown – Exc. 3. at the show debut in junior class
Wolfhouse Coltrane – Exc. 1., res. CC, 4th Best Male
Wolfhouse Allegro – Exc. 1., CC, 2nd Best Male
CH Wolfhouse Zachary – Exc. 2., 3rd Best Male
Wolfhouse Baroque Melody – Exc. 1., CC, Best Intermediate, Best Bitch, BOS, 3rd BIS Intermediate
Wolfhouse Acapella – Exc. 1., res. CC, 4th Best Bitch
CH Wolfhouse Zavanah – Exc. 1., 3rd Best Bitch
CH Kellyhide´s Extravaganza Exc. 2. in Veteran class

Wolfhouse – BIS Breeder´s group
CH Wolfhouse Viola da Gamba and her offspring – res. BIS Progeny group

At this show we also celebrated a win of CH Wolfhouse Umberto´s daughter, CH Dechtire Really Irish, who was shown this year in a veteran class at 5 Danish shows: 5x Veteran class winner, 5x Veteran BOB, Copenhagen, Danish and Nordic Veteran Winner, 2x res. CC, 3rd BIS Veteran and 4x placed in the Best Bitch lineup.

Wolfhouse Baroque Melody - CC

15 November, 2016

Wolfhouse Baroque Melody

Double international shows in Herning was a success for Melody again:

Wolfhouse Baroque Melody
- 2nd Best Bitch, CC, res. CACIB
- 3rd Best Bitch, res. CC

We were pleased to see CACIB, Best Bitch and Nordic Winner titles going to a daughter of CH Wolfhouse Umbrielle, CH Mairead Maguire Ardfhuil O'marksbay.

CH Wolfhouse Zachary - CPH Winner, BOB, res. BIG

1 October, 2016

CH Wolfhouse Zachary

Ballerup „Copenhagen winner 2016“ show was a good one for us as well:

CH. Wolfhouse Zachary – CACIB, Best Male, CPH winner, BOB, res. BIG

Wolfhouse Coltrane – Exc. 2.

Wolfhouse Blue Trane – Exc. 3.

Wolfhouse Zydeco – Exc. 1.

Wolfhouse Baroque Melody - res. BIS Intermediate

15 September, 2016

Wolfhouse Baroque Melody Wolfhouse Baroque Melody

At the autumn club show the star of our team was Melody:

Wolfhouse Baroque Melody – 2nd Best Bitch, res. CC, Best Intermediate, res. BIS Intermediate

CH Wolfhouse Zachary - new Danish champion

15 July, 2016

Wolfhouse Zachary

For summer club show in Norresundby we entered Zachary and Zavanah:

CH Wolfhouse Zachary – CC, New Danish Champion

CH Wolfhouse Zavanah – Best Bitch, BOS

Wolfhouse Zydeco

15 May, 2016

Wolfhouse Zydeco

At a national show in Koge we were represented by Zydeco:

Wolfhouse Zydeco – CC

Zavanah and Melody - new champions

15 March, 2016

Wolfhouse Coltrane Wolfhouse Baroque Melody Wolfhouse Zavanah

In March we went to a club show to Skaelskor, where our team did well.

Wolfhouse Coltrane – Junior class winner, CC

Wolfhouse Baroque Melody – Best Junior, res. CC, 3rd Junior BIS
new Club Juniorchampion

CH Wolfhouse Zavanah – CC,  Best Bitch, BOB, new Danish Champion

Jack Russell puppies

15 February, 2016

JRT Puppies JRT Puppies Wolfhouse Tennyson

After 13 years long break in breeding Jack Russell Terriers, in February 2016, we welcomed 6 JRT puppies, the Wolfhouse „T“ litter. There were two girls: Truffles and Tumbleweed and four boys: Timmins, Touch, Turnbull and Tennyson. Tennyson remained at Wolfhouse.

CH Wolfhouse Zerlina - Danish Champion

2 October, 2015

CH Wolfhouse Zerlina

This year we were very busy raising the two litters of puppies and we did only a very few shows, but despite of it, we have another champion at home.

At sighthound club show in Broholm Wolfhouse Zerlina won her last CC and became Danish Champion.

Wolfhouse Zavanah

1 October, 2015

Wolfhouse Zavanah

At a show in Hillerod Wolfhouse Zavanah entered the show rings and started well - getting her first CC.

Wolfhouse Albinoni and Yolande

25 August, 2015

Wolfhouse Albinoni Wolfhouse Albinoni

Wolfhouse Albinoni was shown at a double international show at Bornholm with a great success -
2x Best Male, 2x CC, BOS, BOB and res. BIG!

At the same shows was also CH Wolfhouse Yolande presented and she did very well too - first day won CACIB, BOS, second day res. CACIB.

Congratulations to Yolande´s owner and Albinoni´s co-owner Tina Nystrom.

Wolfhouse U´s celebrate 9th birthday

30 June, 2015

CH Wolfhouse Umberto

At the end of June we celebrated another 9th birthday, this time with CH Wolfhouse Umberto, Ubi, Untitled Composition and Urania! 

In summer CH Wolfhouse Umberto finished his show career at a sighthound specialty under Mr. Frederic Maison with titles Best Veteran, FCI Eurosighthound Veteran Winner and a club veteran certificate, which was the last one he needed to became Veteran Champion.

Wolfhouse Toscanini and Tiger Rag are 9!

9 May, 2015

CH Wolfhouse Toscanini CH Wolfhouse Tiger Rag

We were very happy to celebrate 9th birthday of CH Wolfhouse Toscanini and CH Wolfhouse Tiger Rag (own. Ankie Somers) in May.

In summer Tiger Rag won some lovely titles in veteran class and became Dutch Veteran Champion. To our big sadness, she died in September.

OMG Ophelia of First Avenue

1 April, 2015

OMG Ophelia of First Avenue OMG Ophelia of First Avenue

To Umberto´s big happiness, he got another mating in January. And he didn´t hesistate at all to show that in age of 8,5 years he can still do the job with no problems.

The pedigree of this combination contains beside other qualities also an exceptional longevity and so we couldn´t resist and at spring Umberto´s daughter joined the Wolfhouse pack.

She is OMG Ophelia of First Avenue (CH Wolfhouse Umberto x  CH Geniune of First Avenue, br.: Regine Vandamme, Belgium)

Wolfhouse boys

15 February, 2015

Wolfhosue boys

In winter we took this photo of some of our boys.

From left to right they are: CH Wolfhouse Toscanini, CH Wolfhouse Umberto, CH Wolfhouse Wood Wind, Wolfhouse Zachary and Wolfhouse Allegro.

Wolfhouse C2 litter

11 February, 2015

Wolfhouse C2 Wolfhouse Celeste Wolfhouse Coltrane

One month after Lava´s puppies we welcomed to the wolrd our "C2" litter - 10 lovely puppies by Kronprinz vom Welzerberg and CH Wolfhouse Wind Chime.

From this litter we kept a boy Wolfhouse Coltrane and a girl Wolfhouse Celeste.

Wolfhouse B2 litter

12 January, 2015

Wolfhouse B2 Wolfhosue Baroque Melody Wolfhouse Bolero

On 12. January 9 puppies in Wolfhouse "B2" litter were born out of CH Wolfhouse Wood Wind and August Lava.

We kept a girl - Wolfhouse Baroque Melody aka Melody, and a handicaped boy Wolfhouse Bolero aka Gideon, who had an infection as a new born puppy, which demaged his knee. He is limping, but otherwise he is a very happy boy and enjoy his life without any pain.

The Top Irish Wolfhound of the Year

28 November, 2014

CH Wolfhouse Wood Wind

Last year Viola took this title right in front of his nose, but this year nobody did and we are happy to announce

CH Wolfhouse Wood Wind is
The Top Irish Wolfhound of the Year 2014 in Denmark!

Four new Champions

28 November, 2014

Kellyhide Bernadette Wolfhouse Viola da Gamba Wolfhouse Zerlina

Four of our dogs were awarded with new champion titles:

CH Kellyhide´s Bernadette - Club Veteran Champion

CH Wolfhouse Wood Wind - Club Champion

CH Wolfhouse Viola da Gamba - Club Champion

Wolfhouse Zerlina - Club Junior Champion


New Danish Champion

27 November, 2014

Wolfhouse Yolande

CH Wolfhouse Yolande (owner: Tina Nystrom) was awarded with titles CC and Best Bitch at a Christmas Club show in Nyborg and she finished her Danish Championship. Congratulations, Tina!

Club show Nyborg

26 November, 2014

Wolfhouse Zachary Wolfhouse Zavanah

We spent a nice day at the Christmas club show in Nyborg. Beside the success with our veterans (see the following post) we had a good time with the younger dogs as well.

Wolfhouse Zachary - Junior class winner, CK, Best Junior

Wolfhouse Zerlina - Intermediate class winner, CK, 2.nd Best Bitch, res. CC, Best Intermediate

CH Wolfhouse Viola da Gamba - Champion class winner, CK, 3.rd Best Bitch


Three Veterans

25 November, 2014

CH Wolfhouse Umberto VBIS CH Wolfhouse Toscanini Kellyhide Bernadette

We were extremely happy to show three of our veterans at the last show of the year - Club show in Nyborg. Umberto, Balrog as well as Namu did very well and made us really proud.

CH Wolfhouse Umberto - VETERAN BIS ( time this year!)

CH Wolfhouse Toscanini - excellent II.

CH Kellyhide´s Bernadette - excellent I., CK, Best Bitch


Umberto´s puppies in Nyborg

24 November, 2014

Wolfhouse Albinoni Tullstown Creation of Charisma Umbertos kids

At the club show in Nyborg there were shown also two puppies sired by CH Wolfhouse Umberto:

Wolfhouse Albinoni, who is co-owned with Tina Nystrom, was awarded with res. Puppy BIS and

Tullstown Creation of Charisma, bred and owned by Tina Strunge-Jensen, was 3rd Baby BIS

Club show Aars

12 October, 2014

Wolfhouse Wood Wind BOB

Our boys did well at the Club show in Aars.

CH Wolfhouse Umberto won his third Veteran BIS title this year!

CH Wolfhouse Wood Wind became BOB.


European dog show and Czech Club Specialty

10 October, 2014

Wolfhouse Umberto in Czech Wolfhouse Zerlin in Czech

CH Wolfhouse Umberto won Veteran BOB at the Specialty and was "excellent II." at the European dog show.

Wolfhouse Zerlina was placed "excellent IV." at the European dog show and she was "excellent" at the Specialty.


CH Wolfhouse Umberto

21 September, 2014

CH Wolfhouse Umberto

In June CH Wolfhouse Umberto celebrated his 8th birthday, but he definitely doesn´t feel like an old man.
In fact this year he sired naturaly 3 nice litters (with 6, 9 and 7 puppies), just a few days ago he was once again heart tested clear and has been shown in a veteran class twice where he has won Veteran BIS and Copenhagen Veteran Winner title.
We are very proud of him.

CACIB Hillerod

20 September, 2014

Wolfhouse Zachary Wolfhouse Zachary

International show in Hillerod is a local show for us, so of course we were there.

Wolfhouse Zachary - Copenhagen Junior Winner 2014, CC!
CH Wolfhouse Umberto - Copenhagen Veteran Winner 2014, Best Veteran
Wolfhouse Xandria - open class winner, res. CC, res. CACIB

Club show Roskilde

7 September, 2014

CH Wolfhouse Umberto CH Wolfhouse Wood Wind Wolfhouse

The highlight of this show season so far, was at a club show in Roskilde, where wolfhounds were judged by a breed specialist Mr. Markku Mahonen from Finland.

CH Wolfhouse Viola da Gamba - champion class winner
Wolfhouse Xandria - open class winner, res. CC
Wolfhouse Zerlina - junior class winner, CC, BOS!

CH Wolfhouse Umberto

CH Wolfhouse Wood Wind

CH Wolfhouse Umberto, Wood Wind, Viola da Gamba and Zerlina were

Double CACIB Bornholm

18 August, 2014

Wolfhouse Yolande

At a double show in Bornholm we were represented by Wolfhouse Yolande and she did very well.

On Saturday - open class winner, CC, CACIB, Best Bitch, BOB and
on Sunday - open class winner, CC, res. CACIB, 2. Best Bitch

Well done, Tina and Emma!

Swedish club show Ljungbyhed

2 June, 2014

Wolfhouse Zerlina Kellyhide Bernadette Wolfhouse

Swedish club show in Ljungbyhed was judged by Mr. Chris Amoo from UK.

CH Wolfhouse Wood Wind - Ex. 4, CK in champion class
Wolfhouse Zerlina - Ex. 3, CK in junior class
Wolfhouse Xandria - Ex. 4, CK in open class
CH Wolfhouse Viola da Gamba - Ex. 4 in champion class

CH Kellyhide Bernadette,  CH Wolfhouse Viola da Gamba, Wolfhouse Zerlina - BEST 3 GENERATIONS IN SHOW!


Double club show Hasmark

26 May, 2014

Kellyhide Bernadette Elliott and Viola Wolfhouse Zerlina

We had a good time in Hasmark. First day wolfhounds were judged by Natasa Blanusa:

CH Wolfhouse Wood Wind - Best Male, BOB
CH Wolfhouse Viola da Gambe - Best Bitch, BOS, 4th Best Opposite in Show
CH Kellyhide Bernadette - Best Veteran, VETERAN BEST IN SHOW!


Another day, another nice success for Namu, but also for Zerlina under Joy McFarlane:

CH Kellyhide Bernadette - Best Veteran, Best Veteran in Show!
Wolfhouse Zerlina - Junior class winner, Best Bitch, CC (in age of 10 months!)

Double CACIB Roskilde

12 May, 2014

Kellyhide Bernadette

At a double CACIB show in Roskilde our dogs were judged by Charlotte Hoier on Saturday:

CH Wolfhouse Wood Wind - CACIB, Best Male, BOS
CH Wolfhouse Wyoming - res. CACIB, 3. Best Male
CH Wolfhouse Toscanini - veteran class winner,  2. Best Male
CH Kellyhide Bernadette - Best Veteran, 2. Best Bitch

A we were also happy, that Toscanini´s daughter (and Umberto´s granddaughter) Fionnualla Really Irish took CACIB, Best Bitch, BOB and res. BIG.

On Sunday our dogs were judged by Claire Ann Arhen, who appricated mostly the grand old lady Namu:
CH. Kellyhide Bernadette - Best Veteran, Best Bitch, BOS.

Club show Skaelskor

24 March, 2014

At a club show in Skaelskor our team did well.

CH Wolfhouse Wood Wind - Best Male, BOB
CH Kellyhide Bernadette - Best Veteran, Best Bitch, BOS
CH Wolfhouse Wind Chime won champion class and Wolfhouse Xandria won open class.

Unfortunately no photos from this show.

Wolfhouse "A2" litter

28 February, 2014

A2 puppies1 A2 puppies2 A2 puppies3

On of February CH Wolfhouse Viola da Gamba gave birth to a lovely litter of 2 girls and 4 boys sired by CH Wolfhouse Umberto.

CACIB Fredericia 2014

10 February, 2014

Fredericia BB Fredericia Namu Fredericia 2014 Kiko

The first show of the year 2014 was a very successful one for the Wolfhouse team.

CH Wolfhouse Wyoming - CACIB, Best Male, BOB, res. BIG

CH Kellyhide Bernadette - Best Bitch (in age of 8,5 years!)

CH Wolfhouse Wind Chime - CC, CACIB, Best Bitch 2 - new Danish Champion!

Heart testing

11 January, 2014

Miliy Zver Solange

At the beggining of January some of our girls were heart tested and we are very happy with the results:

Kellyhide´s Bernadette (8 years, 3 months) - OK
Wolfhouse Xandria (2,5 years) - OK
Wolfhouse Yaxeka (2 years, 2 months) - OK
Miliy Zver Solange (3,5 years) - OK

Club show Nyborg (part 2.)

26 November, 2013

BIS Progeny group BIS breeders group

At the Sighthound Club show in Nyborg we also presented two groups in the final competitions:

CH Wolfhouse Toscanini with his offspring: CH Wolfhouse Wood Wind, Wolfhouse Wind Chime, JCH Fionnualla Really Irish and Kellyhide´s Isen won BIS Progeny group.

CH Wolfhouse Viola da Gamba, CH Wolfhouse Wood Wind, Wolfhouse Wind Chime and Wolfhouse Yolande were the team, which took the BIS Breeders group title.

Club show Nyborg (part 1.)

26 November, 2013

Wolfhouse Wind Chime CH Kellyhide Bernadette CH Wolfhouse Viola da Gamba

The Christmas club show of Danish Sighthound club was held last weekend in Nyborg. Wolfhounds were judged by a breed specialist Mrs. Outi Piisi-Putta and it was a very successful event for Wolfhouse dogs.

Wolfhouse Zachary - Very promissing 1., Baby BOB, Baby BIS

Wolfhouse Zerlina - Very promissing 2., Wolfhouse Zavannah - Very promissing 3., Wolfhouse Zydeco - Very promissing 4.

Wolfhouse Wind Chime - Excellent 1., CK, CC

CH Kellyhide Bernadette - Excellent 1., CK, Best Bitch 2., res. Vet BIS

CH Wolfhouse Viola da Gamba - Excellent 1., CK, Best Bitch, BOB, BIS!!!

Top Wolfhounds of the Year 2013

26 November, 2013

CH Wolfhouse Viola da Gamba CH Wolfhouse Wood Wind

We are happy to announce, that Danish Sighthound club awarded

CH Wolfhouse Viola da Gamba with title Top Wolfhounds of the Year 2013!

And CH Wolfhouse Wood Wind is the Best IW male of the Year 2013.

Autumn Club show Aars

12 October, 2013

For the autumn club show there were Elliott, Kiko and Viola entered and they all did very well.

CH. Wolfhouse Wood Wind - excellent 1., CK, Best Male
Wolfhouse Wind Chime - excellent 1., CK, Best Female, BOB
CH. Wolfhouse Viola da Gamba - excellent 1., CK, 2. Best Female

Unfortunately we don´t have any photos from this show.


20 August, 2013

Wolfhouse Yolande Bornholm Wolfhouse Yellowstone Bornholm Clara, Emma, Hatu at Bornholm

Hatu and Emma went on a weekend trip to Bornholm. They attended a show there, but they also enjoyed the holidays on this beautiful island a lot.


Wolfhouse Yolande - excellent 1., CK, res. CC, CACIB

Wolfhouse Yellowstone - excellent 1.

Wolfhouse "Z" litter

21 July, 2013

Z Puppies Z puppies Z puppies

On 21. July 2013 a new litter was born at Wolfhouse by CH. Wolfhouse Wood Wind and CH. Wolfhouse Viola da Gamba. Viola gave us 5 lovely girls and 1 strong boy.

Only two weeks later we expected also a delivery of a singelton puppy by CH. Wolfhouse Melody Maker and CH. Kellyhide´s Extravaganza. But because the vets refused to do a c-section in time, this only puppy was still-born. We were very sad and Pumpkin was as well. We decided to offer her some of Viola´s puppies to comfort her and she became a wonderful foster mum helping Viola with rearing the puppies in a great way.

Summer Club show

14 July, 2013

CH Wolfhouse Wood Wind Summer club show CH Wolfhouse Wood Wind Summer club show CH Wolfhouse Wood Wind Summer club show

The summer club show was very successful for Elliott.

CH. Wolfhouse Wood Wind - Excellent 1., CK, Best Male, BOB, 3. BIS!

Heart testing

1 July, 2013

Umberto being chased by Elliott

We had our males heart tested:

CH. Wolfhouse Umberto (7 years) - no sign of heart disease

CH. Wolfhouse Wood Wind (3 years) - no sign of heart disease

CH. Wolfhouse Wyoming (3 years) - no sign of heart disease

Wolfhouse Yellowstone (2 years) - no sign of heart disease

Robin Hood

1 June, 2013

Robin Hood1 Robin Hood Robin Hood

The summer of 2013 was a busy one; for a period of about 2 months a couple of our dogs were engaged by the Royal Theatre in an outdoor  staging of Robin Hood. We had put together several teams of dogs, who were supposed to alternate, but two of the dogs : Wolfhouse Wyoming and Wolfhouse Xandria decided that they loved their nightly outings so much, that it wasn´t necessary to give them time off. They particularly enjoyed indulging in left over bread thrown on the stage and the inevitable horse-poo.

Club show Hasmark

29 May, 2013

CH Wolfhouse Wyoming Hasmark CH Wolfhouse Wyoming Hasmark

The Sunday club show in Hasmark was BB´s day:


CH. Wolfhouse Wyoming - excellent. 1., CK, Best Male, res. Best Opposite in Show

Double CACIB Roskilde

6 May, 2013

Wolfhouse Xandria2 CH Wolfhouse Viola da Gamba Roskilde Fionnualla Really Irish Roskilde

Another good weekend we had at a double CACIB show in Roskilde.

CH. Wolfhouse Wyoming got the last CC and became DANISH CHAMPION!

Wolfhouse Xandria got her first CC and started her way to the championship.

CH. Wolfhouse Viola da Gamba won res. CACIB on Saturday and did even better on Sunday taking CACIB and Crufts qualification.

On Sunday the BOB winner was daughter of CH. Wolfhouse Toscanini (and grand-daughter of CH. Wolfhouse Umberto) young JCh. Fionnualla Really Irish.

Photos by Petra Kappelová.



Spring Club show

24 March, 2013

Wolfhouse Wyoming Spring Club show CH Wolfhouse Wood Wind and CH Wolfhoue Viola da Gamba Spring Club show CH Wolfhouse Wood Wind Spring Club Show

At our spring club show were entered Elliott, B.B. and Viola:

Wolfhouse Wyoming - excellent 1., CK, CC

CH. Wolfhouse Wood Wind - excellent 1, CK, Best Male, BOB, 3. BIS

CH. Wolfhouse Viola da Gamba - excellent 1., CK, Best Female

Show of Winners 2013

23 February, 2013


CH. Wolfhouse Viola da Gamba was invited to Danish Show of Winners, where she took the Sweepstakes Group FCI X.

CACIB Fredericia

10 February, 2013

News Fredericia CH Wolfhouse Viola da Gamba Fredericia

Elliott, B.B., Kiko and Viola were shown at an international show in Fredericia (DK) with a nice results:

Wolfhouse Wyoming - excellent 1., CK, 4. Best Male

CH. Wolfhouse Wood Wind - excellent 2., CK, 2. Best Male, res. CACIB

Wolfhouse Wind Chime - excellent 2., CK, 3. Best Female, res. CC

CH. Wolfhouse Viola da Gamba - excellent 1., CK, Best Female, CACIB, BOB, 4. BIG

World Show & EIWC Show, Denmark 2010

15 June, 2010

Kellyhide Bernadette, World Show Wolfhouse Pavane, World Show Wolfhouse Pavane, 2010 EIWC show BOB Veteran

CH Kellyhide Bernadette, winning the Champion bitch class, the Reserve CACIB - and was thus reserve to the title at the World Show in Denmark 2010 under Judge Sue Cole, United Kingdom.

CH Wolfhouse Pavane, World Winner Veteran at age 9 yrs in Denmark 2010.

Pavane's brother INT CH Wolfhouse Pergolesi was Junior World winner in Amsterdam and Pavane´s mother Multi CH Wolfhouse Knock Out became World Winner in Dortmund at age 7-1/2 yrs.

CH Wolfhouse Pavane, BOB veteran at the 2010 EIWC show where she placed as 4th. Best bitch of all class winners (including Champions).

New Champion

30 December, 2009

Wolfhouse Unsung Melody

Wolfhouse Unsung Melody, owned by Birgitta Stolpe, finished his championship with a four point major.?

New International Champion

30 September, 2009

Wolfhouse Umbrielle

NOR CH Swed CH Wolfhouse Umbrielle — top winning Irish Wolfhound bitch in Norway 2007 and 2008 — has now completed her International Championship and was Best of Oposite on Sept. 19th at the Copenhagen double show, with an entry of 7000 dogs. On September 20th, Umbrielle won the Copenhagen Winners title and won Best of Breed. She is owned by Knut Olav Wille, O´Marksbay kennel in Norway?

"V" Litter Born

19 September, 2009

Kellyhide Bernadette, day of whelping Kellyhide Bernadette with puppy

The litter that became a "lit". This is Namu on her due-date — pretty sporty looking for a pregnant bitch — and just a few hours later presenting a “lit” consisting of one brindle bitch puppy of 700 gr.?

Kellyhide Bernadette in Whelp

30 August, 2009

Melodream Maker O'Marksbay Kellyhide Bernadette

DEN CH Kellyhide Bernadette is in whelp with INT MULTI CH Melodream Maker O´Marksbay. Puppies are expected around September 20th. Both parents have just been heart tested, and both passed with flying colors.?

Danish Harvest Specialty

18 August, 2009

Wolfhouse Toscanini Wolfhouse Rhapsody In Blue

Rebecca Peek (UK) judged the Danish Harvest Specialty on Aug. 16th, where CH Wolfhouse Toscanini was Best in Show and DKCH NCH Wolfhouse Rhapsody in Blue took Reserve BIS (Best of opposite).?

Danish National Specialty

30 May, 2009

Wolfhouse The Blue Note

Wolfhouse The Blue Note won Best of Breed at the Danish National Specialty, May 3009, under Judge Dr. Frédéric Maison, France.?