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Welcome to Wolfhouse Irish Wolfhounds

The Wolfhouse website is, above all, meant as a tribute to a wonderful life in the company of dogs. It is undisputedly a mind opening privilege to experience the social life of another species first hand, only equalled by the privilege of actually communicating, interacting and sharing tender moments with them. With its nearly 400 photographs, the website mainly portrays the visual appeal of these animals. Sadly, it falls short in depicting the actual beauty of their intricate individual personalities, how they relate to one another, and the sophisticated way in which they organize themselves in a group. Witnessing their interaction over the years has consequently brought about a total revision of the concepts of good and evil. In a well functioning pack everything seems to happen for a reason. Dogs offer you an insight into an entire spectrum of sentiments: from extreme brutality to the most delicate affection, not unfamiliar to human behaviour.

— Pernille Monberg, January 2005

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Club show Nørresundby

8 July, 2017

Summer club show in Nørresundby was very successful for us: Wolfhouse Allegro - CC, Best Male, BOS - new Danish championWolfhouse Acapella - CC, 2nd Best Bitch - new Danish championCH Wolfhouse Baroq... Read More

Heart testing

14 June, 2017

We heart tested the first ½ of the Wolfhouse pack: CH Kellyhide´s Extravaganza (age 9), CH Wolfhouse Viola Da Gamba (turns 8 yrs. in September), CH Wolfhouse Wind Chime (age 6½ Yrs.) Wolf... Read More

Double club show Vejen

30 May, 2017

Spring double club show in Vejen was a good weekend for our team: Saturday:Wolfhouse Coltrane - CC, Best Male, BOB, BIS3Wolfhouse Allegro - res. CC, 2nd Best MaleWolfhouse Baroque Melody - CC, Best Bitch, B... Read More