Champions Gallery

A collection of photos of the Wolfhouse Champions. The album is not complete; if your dog should be represented here, please share.

Wolfhouse Baroque Melody
DEN CH Wolfhouse Baroque Melody
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Wolfhouse Allegro
DEN CH Wolfhouse Allegro
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Wolfhouse Acapella
DEN CH Wolfhouse Acapella
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Wolfhouse Zachary
DEN CH Wolfhouse Zachary
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Wolfhouse Zerlina
DEN CH Wolfhouse Zerlina
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Wolfhouse Zavanah
DEN CH Wolfhouse Zavanah
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DEN CH Wolfhouse Yolande
DEN CH Wolfhouse Yolande

Wolfhouse Wood Wind
DEN CH Wolfhouse Wood Wind
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Wolfhouse Wyoming
DEN CH Wolfhouse Wyoming
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Wolfhouse Wind Chime
DEN CH Wolfhouse Wind Chime
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USA CH Wolfhouse Winter's Tale
USA CH Wolfhouse Winter's Tale

USA CH Wolfhouse Windjammer
USA CH Wolfhouse Windjammer

LV CH Wolfhouse Wild at Heart
LV CH Wolfhouse Wild at Heart

Wolfhouse Viola Da Gamba
DEN CH Wolfhouse Viola Da Gamba
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Kellyhide's Extravaganza
DEN CH Kellyhide's Extravaganza
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Wolfhouse Umberto
DEN CH Wolfhouse Umberto
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Wolfhouse Urban Symphony
DEN CH Wolfhouse Urban Symphony
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Wolfhouse Unsung Melody
USA CH Wolfhouse Unsung Melody

Wolfhouse Umbrielle
INT NOR SWE DK CH Wolfhouse Umbrielle Top Winning IW Bitch in Norway 2007 and 2008

Wolfhouse Toscanini
DEN CH Wolfhouse Toscanini
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Wolfhouse The Blue Note
DEN CH Wolfhouse The Blue Note
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Wolfhouse Te Kanawa
DEN CH Wolfhouse Te Kanawa

Kellyhide Bernadette
DEN CH Kellyhide Bernadette
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Wolfhouse Scarlatti
DEN CH Wolfhouse Scarlatti
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Wolfhouse Sinfonia
DEN CH Wolfhouse Sinfonia
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Wolfhouse Rhapsody in Blue
DEN NOR CH NORDJW-04 Wolfhouse Rhapsody in Blue
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Wolfhouse Rigoletto
DEN CH Wolfhouse Rigoletto

Wolfhouse Quartal Harmony
DEN CH Wolfhouse Quartal Harmony
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Wolfhouse Quartet
DEN NOR CH Wolfhouse Quartet

Wolfhouse Quisite
FIN CH Wolfhouse Quisite

Wolfhouse Quarter Note
FIN CH Wolfhouse Quarter Note

Taryn's Jazzmessenger
DEN CH Taryn's Jazzmessenger
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Wolfhouse Pavane
DEN CH CPH-Winner-2004, Veteran World winner 2010 Wolfhouse Pavane
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Wolfhouse Polynesia
DEN SWE CH Wolfhouse Polynesia
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Wolfhouse Pergolesi
SWE DEN CH J.W.W. Wolfhouse Pergolesi

Wolfhouse Potpourri
USA CH Wolfhouse Potpourri

Wolfhouse Offenbach
DEN CH Wolfhouse Offenbach
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Wolfhouse Ornette Coleman
DEN CH Wolfhouse Ornette Coleman
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Wolfhouse O'neill
USA CH Wolfhouse O'neill

Wolfhouse O'day
DEN CH Wolfhouse O'day

Wolfhouse Octavia
CH Wolfhouse Octavia

Knallåsen's Hortensia
INT DEN NOR IW Clb CH Knallåsen's Hortensia
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Wolfhouse Notes for Blues
DEN CH Wolfhouse Notes for Blues
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Wolfhouse Night at the Opera
SWE CH Wolfhouse Night at the Opera

Wolfhouse Melody Maker
INT DEN SWE NOR NORD CH Wolfhouse Melody Maker
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Wolfhouse Master Copy
POL RUS INT CH Wolfhouse Master Copy
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Wolfhouse Marsalis in Major
DEN POL AUT CLB INT CH Wolfhouse Marsalis in Major

Wolfhouse Metaphor
SWE CH Wolfhouse Metaphor

Wolfhouse Mythical
CAN CH Wolfhouse Mythical

Ebony Saragh of Nutstown
DEN IWCLB CH Ebony Saragh of Nutstown
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Wolfhouse Laissez Faire
DEN CH Wolfhouse Laissez Faire

Wolfhouse Larchmont
DEN SWE CH Wolfhouse Larchmont

Wolfhouse Lionell
DEN CH Wolfhouse Lionell

Wolfhouse Lone Wolf
DEN SWE CH Wolfhouse Lone Wolf

Wolfhouse Knock Out
EUUV97 DKCH NOCH SECH NORDCH INTCH EUV00 PLCH World Winner Wolfhouse Knock Out CPH winner 2000
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Wolfhouse Kilbirnie
DEN CH Wolfhouse Kilbirnie

Sixpence of Kilmara
DEN CH Sixpence of Kilmara
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Wolfhouse Jackie the Jackal
DEN SWE INT CH Wolfhouse Jackie the Jackal

Wolfhouse Jacaranda
ITA FRA INT CH Wolfhouse Jacaranda

Wolfhouse Jammin Jerreau
LUX CH Wolfhouse Jammin Jerreau

Wolfhouse Irish Eyes
ITA CH Wolfhouse Irish Eyes

Wolfhouse Ivy League
DEN CH Wolfhouse Ivy League

Wolfhouse Handsome Hawkstone
Multi-BIS DEN SWE NOR NORD INT CH Wolfhouse Handsome Hawkstone

Wolfhouse Highlight of My Life
DEN CH Wolfhouse Highlight of My Life

Superstar in Command
CAN SWE DEN CH Superstar in Command
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Wolfhouse Georgia on My Mind
DEN CH Wolfhouse Georgia on My Mind

Wolfhouse Gee Wiz
DEN CH Wolfhouse Gee Wiz

Wolfhouse Fine n'Foxy
DEN CH Wolfhouse Fine n'Foxy
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Wolfhouse Beowulf
DEN CH Wolfhouse Beowulf

Tara of Kilmara
DEN SWE CH Tara of Kilmara