Bio Info

Pernille Monberg was born in Denmark. She holds a degree from University of Copenhagen in cultural anthropology. Pernille has done fieldwork among Kurdish immigrants in Denmark. A future project and fieldtrip to the Solomon Islands is in the planning stages. In recent years she has freelanced writing assignments, mainly on dogs. As a behavioral scientist the transition from understanding human behavior and social life, to trying to understand the social life of dogs, has not been a quantum leap. She is currently undertaking a long-term dream project: a book on the Social Life among a Domestic Pack of Dogs.

Kiu Angiki and Pernille Monberg with the Wolfhouse pack, December 2004.

Kiu Angiki was born on the Polynesian island of Bellona in the Solomon Islands. Kiu has studied Pacific history and politics at University of South Pacific. Since he moved to Denmark he has been working as an artist. Kiu's paintings clearly reflect the fusion of his two Worlds; the traditional Polynesian society and the modern industrialized society. He primarily works in oils on canvas and on tapa which is barkcloth found throughout the Pacific. Kiu has a website highlighting his artwork.