Acknowledgements and Links

Photographers and breeders who have provided photos for use on this site, other than myself, include:

Kiu Angiki,
Lene Bang Petersen, Bang-P IWs
Connie Banks, Superstar IWs
Erling Birk
Lillemor Böös
M. Booth
Jo Braine, Hollyhenge IWs
O.B. Christensen
Martine Claude
Cecil Corbett
David Dalton, Dalton Foto,
Dennis Dean
Jerry & Carolyn Dean, Druid Rock IWs,
Diane De Bisschop
Annette Edlander, Pre-Eminence IWs
Lennart Falk, Dorisas IWs,
Brenda Fairbanks, Taryn IWs
T.N Finney, Gulliagh IWs
Fox & Cook, USA
Karen Frederick
Dave Freeman
Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen
J.K. Holmberg
Jeff Hunter
Preben Ipsen,
Bettina Isen, Kellyhide Irish Wolfhounds
Gary Janssens, Kilmara IWs
Connie Jensen,
Ole Johannson
John & Kathleen Kelly, Nutstown IWs
Seija Keranen
Gitte Kjærgaard
Vicky Knowles, Blazeaway JRTs
Diane Koontz
Bill Lewis
Per Lundström, Greirish IWs
Tine Luther & J.Bak Rasmussen, Wiegaarden,
Eva-Maria Krämer
Helle Mejlby
Kirsten Melbye
Celso Mollo,
Christine Monberg, Tumblewind JRTs,
Finn Mose
Tina Otto, Rabbitville IWs,
Irene Öhman
Diane Pearce
Paolo Persieri
Huguette Rainforth, Rainforth IWs
Miles Rathbone-Scott
Susan Sandalgaard, Pierpoint IWs
Joan Sanford, Oakwoods IWs
Linda Souza, Limerick Irish Wolfhounds
Lars Stærk
Verena Stöckli
E. Thornton, Mochras IWs
Maurice Tillman
Alice & Tom Van Housen
Ingela Weinberger, Warlock IWs
Helén Wieslander, Knallåsen IWs
S. Wilkins
Knut-Olav Wille, O'Marksbay IWs

A special thank you to Elizabeth C. Murphy for the permission to use a vast number of photographs from her book: "The Irish Wolfhound. A collection of Photographs and Pedigrees, 1991".

Special thanks also to Trudy Zantingh, for the permission to use photos from IERDIE's 60th. anniversary publication: Ierse Wolfshonden in Nederland 1911-1994.

Thanks to Millan Ericsson for her help in pedigree research for the Jack Russells.

Veterinary facilities instrumental to the continuum at Wolfhouse:

Reproduction: The canine semen bank in Denmark: Canicold International / Dr. Birgitte Schjøth,
Reproduction: Oregon USA - International Canine Semen Bank / Professor Carroll C. Platz,
Heart Screening: The mobile veterinary clinic, which undertakes the regular heart examinations of all our dogs, by detailed ultrasound scans and EKGs: Westrup Vet Consulting / Dr. Ulrik Westrup,
Our Regular Veterinary Facility: Buddinge Dyreklinik / Dr. Birgitte Schjøth
Chiropractic Treatments: Veterinarian Maja Guldborg, Cert. vet. chiropractor & cert vet. acupuncturist,
Immune Research: The Kavet clinic in Riga, Latvia, where a research team has developed the Immune Modulator Rimulan, (see article)
Reg. No. 40003258494
Klusa str. 11, Riga, Latvia, LV-1013;
Tel. 7374438;
Fax 7376061

Suppliers of Feeds and Supplements

Engelykke Pet Food
Tlf. +45 98 46 27 66 - Fax +45 98 46 27 65
CVR. 28 40 25 70
Diafarm Pet Food

A little local slaughterhouse, which shall remain nameless, as supplies are limited ;-)

We get our supplements such as Hokamix, all vitamins, minerals and any other type of feed supplements, vetbed, shampoo, combs & brushes and showleads from try also:


Since about half of our puppies get their final homes outside Denmark, it is of the utmost importance that we can feel comfortable with the people in charge of transporting our puppies to their new destination. Over the years we have chosen to entrust our puppies with TRUST, a company under the SAS Cargo Group:

Organizations, Foundations and health studies of importance to the breed and therefore to us:

The charitable organization The Irish Wolfhound Foundation
Try also visiting the IWF Gift Shop at:
Irish Wolfhound Genetic Studies Anne Janis of the Irish Wolfhound Study provides a fantastic service: You can send a trial pedigree for a proposed mating and have Anne run a risk assessment for: PCD, PRA and Seizures. It is a wonderful tool that all breeders should make use of as part of their planning, you can reach her at:

Irish Wolfhound Clubs

The Federation of European Irish Wolfhound Clubs / E.I.W.C.
The Irish Wolfhound Club of Denmark:
The Irish Wolfhound Club of Belgium:
The Irish Wolfhound & Deerhound Club of the Czech Rep.:
The Irish Wolfhound Club of Finland:
The Irish Wolfhound Club of France, R.AL.I.E.:
The Irish Wolfhound Club of Germany, D.W.R.Z.V:
The Irish Wolfhound Club of Ireland:
The Sighthound Club of Italy:
The Sighthound Club of Latvia:
The Sighthound Club of Luxembourg:
The Irish Wolfhound Club of the Netherlands:
The Irish Wolfhound Club of Norway:
The Irish Wolfhound Club of Russia:
The Irish Wolfhound Club of Slovenia:
The Irish Wolfhound Club of Switzerland:
The Irish Wolfhound Club of England:
The Irish Wolfhound Club of Northern Ireland:
The Irish Wolfhound Club of America, Inc.:
The Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada:

Irish Wolfhound relevant websites

Irish Wolfhound Pedigrees:
Thanks to I.A. Gottch (Ianinas Kennel) for help with Irish Wolfhound pedigrees and titles. Visit the Irish Wolfhound Research Database at

Liver Shunt:
For information on liver shunt we suggest you visit Jean Timmins' in depth and very informative page:

Purdue University - "Bloat Notes" - latest information on bloat.

PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy):
Cornell University - latest information on PRA

Wolfhound history, health, alternative therapy and general care:
Hilary Jupp also has a fantastic website covering many subjects such as breed history, health, alternative therapies and general care: